Welcome on the S-entiel website !

Being a fluent English speaker, it is important to me to provide any potential non-French speaking client with a summary of who I am and the services I offer.

My name is Julien Sibille, I’m married and father of three girls. I have a master’s degree in Law and a post-master degree in Tax Law. I dedicated most of my professional life as a Tax Lawyer in various multinational structures. It was however important to me to also dedicate some of my time to people rather than just numbers.

During my reflection on how to add a more human componant to  my professional life, I realized that I have a natural tendency to seek harmony and peacefulness in my relationship with others and that I had a drive to bring such harmony and peacefulness in my profession. As I always had an interest in conflict resolution, it didn’t take long for me to realize that  I wanted to train myself to conflict resolution, mediation and coaching. I therefore successfully completed the Master Class given by Catherine Burton (who has 20 years of experience as mediator).

Throughout my training, it became clear to me that the skills and tools that I was learning to master would enable me to help people find peacefulness and harmony not only in their relationship with others but also in their relationship with themselves. I came to realize that any conflictual situation, whether it be in our relationship with others or with ourselves, is a good opportunity to embark on an inner journey in order to become more conscious and self-aware of our personal needs and drives. I strongly believe that such self-awareness and self-consciousness are essential to peaceful and harmonious relationships with others, ourself and our environment. It is therefore important to me to help my clients to make self-aware and self-conscious decisions in the framework of the resolution of any conflict they’re facing. The following tools and concepts, amongst others, help me in the process:

  • The PeterKoenigSystem® with its Source Principles and Moneywork, concepts and self-development processes which have proven to be very powerful in the field of mediation and conflict resolution.
  • The Enneagram and its personality types as a powerful tool in the inner journey towards greater self-awareness and self-consciousness.
  • The ConsciousContracts® as an innovative way to formalize agreements and contractual relationships, emphasizing on the clarification of the relationship and mutual trust.

Don’t hesitate to contact me (see information on contact page) so I may guide you in your quest for harmony and peacefulness in your relationship with others or yourself.

Below you will find a description of the services which I provide :

Mediation – Support in Conflict Resolution

I offer assistance to people who are in conflict in order to help them find the best solution for all the people involved. My assistance extends to conflicts and disagreements in any relationship (couple, family, friends, business, commercial, etc.). I believe that human relationships are often destined to evolve due to specific circumstances or events. The process of mediation can help secure a smooth and peaceful evolution of the relationship and prevent frustration, anger or violence.

My approach to conflict resolution encompasses respect and tolerance and aims at clarifying the essential needs of each party involved. Such awareness and consciousness facilitates a respectful dialogue and enables all parties to jointly find the best solution to their conflict.

Individual Support / Coaching

I also provide individual support (coaching) when a person feels lost, helpless, out of place, blocked, frustrated, etc. whether in general or in specific circumstances. My assistance includes, amongst other, individual support and coaching for people who :

  • don’t derive satisfaction from their professional activity;
  • have private or professional relationship issues or difficulties;
  • experience difficulties when it comes to realizing / carrying out their project(s);
  • have trouble finding purpose or meaning in their (professional) lives;
  • have difficulty making choices or positioning themselves in specific circumstances;
  • are hindered by their relationship with money;
  • feel that they are in disagreement with people around them or with society in general;
  • feel they are living a life that is out of alignment with their values.

Collective Support / Coaching

The assistance that I offer in the framework of collective coaching (to companies, collective groups, organizations, clubs, etc.) is inspired by the Source Principles developed by Peter Koenig, and aims, amongst other, at:

  • helping a project initiator to clarify his vision and, by doing so, to ensure that he is surrounded by the appropriate collaborators for the realization of his project;
  • rethinking or defining the organizational scheme of the company/collective group, stepping away from the traditional concepts of hierarchy;
  • clarifying the roles and responsibilities of everyone within the company/collective group in order to ensure that everyone feels in their place and derives personal satisfaction and fulfillment in the framework of the realization of the project;
  • helping ensure open and fluid communication within the company/collective group;
  • allowing a conscious relationship with money within the community in order to maximize all financial and non-financial resources for the realization of the project.


Having worked for nearly 15 years in large multinational companies, I personally believe that the concepts of the PeterKoenigSystem® contribute to a positive working environment through :

  • the development of a more conscious relationship with money within companies
  • the introduction of an alternative organization scheme within companies (the Source Principles).


I therefore deliver seminars on these concepts of the PeterKoenigSystem® to companies or organizations which are eager to discover said concepts and/or integrate them within their organization.

Don’t hesitate to contact me (see information on contact page) if I can be of any assistance in your quest for harmony and peacefulness in your relationship with others or yourself, I’d be delighted to accompany you along the way!